Invitation to Participate in the 6th China International Import Expo (2023)

Supported by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia (MITI) and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia, ACCCIM has participated in the CIIE for consecutive five years. In 2023, we will continue to participate in the 6th CIIE in the hope to provide an international platform and greater opportunities for Malaysian companies to promote their products and services to the global market.

ACCCIM will be setting up ACCCIM Pavilion (Malaysia) with a target of 54 booths in the Food & Agricultural area in CIIE. The detail is as below:

Detail are as below:

Date 5th to 10th November 2023
Venue National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)
ACCCIM Pavilion (Malaysia)

Booking Fee

Standard Booth: RM23,000.00
Participated Area Fruits and vegetables and agricultural products, dairy products, snack foods, sweets, condiments, beverages and wines, meat, aquatic products, frozen foods, comprehensive foods (including pet food), crop seed industry (including breeding or cultivation techniques; seed industry R&D innovation; agricultural machinery; pesticide, micro fertilizer; seeds of crops such as rice, wheat, melons and fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants) etc.

Special section: dairy products, agricultural products and crop seed industry


Eligible companies are entitled to claim Market Development Grant (MDG). Booths are limited, interested companies are kindly requested to register with ACCCIM as soon as possible. The organiser has set more tighten rules and regulations whereby they will only allot booths to qualified companies upon their review. In this connection, ACCCIM will refund the booking fee if the company application is rejected by the organiser.

CIIE includes the following exhibition areas, ACCCIM can refer companies to participate in the exhibition, but whether booth(s) location is allocated by the organiser itself. The standard booth fees for other exhibition areas are RM16,000.00. Detail as below:

Hall Field
Automobile Passenger cars, commercial vehicles, concept vehicles, new energy vehicles, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, smart mobility products and technologies (new energy, automatic driving product technologies and solutions, smart transportation, future mobility, intelligent Internet connection, etc.), automotive parts and auto electronics (drive part, chassis part, body part, lightweight, auto interior, on-board system, etc.), automobile supporting products and maintenance supplies (automobile aftermarket, testing and diagnostic equipment, lubricating oil, etc.), automobile culture and design (classic cars, automobile competitions, automobile modification, automobile design, automobile consumption and derivatives, etc.)

Special section: smart mobility and innovation incubation (automobile)

Consumer Goods Facial care and make-up, other personal care and daily chemical products, consumer electronics and household appliances, home furnishings and design, fashion clothing and accessories, gemstones and jewelry, sporting goods, sports events, e-sports, etc.

Special section: beauty and cosmetics, fashion clothing and accessories, sporting and events, green and intelligent home appliances and furnishing, innovation incubation (consumer goods)

Intelligent Industry & Information Technology Digital industry: automation, robotics, industrial solutions;

Integrated circuit: design, manufacturing, sealing test, equipment, and materials of chip;

Energy, low-carbon and environmental protection technology: petrochemical equipment, new materials, new energy, electric power and electrician, environmental protection technology and equipment, comprehensive treatment equipment, waste treatment equipment;

AI: human-computer interaction, database, Internet of Things, communications;

Optical printing: wide-format printer, digital composite machine, label machine, scanner, 3D laser scanning equipment, professional film and television equipment, industrial measurement, microscopy technology;

Others: metal cutting, metal plate, measurement and parts, aerospace, high-tech ships, construction machinery, etc.

Special section: low-carbon energy and environmental protection technology, digital industrial automation, integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, optical printing and innovation incubation (equipment).

Medical Equipment & Healthcare Products Drugs, medical devices, dietary supplements, and others: medical cosmetology, health tourism, medical technology and services, health care, etc.

Special section: rehab and elderly care, biopharma, innovation incubation (medical field).

Trade in Services Trade in productive services: financial services (banking, insurance, asset management, etc.), consulting services (design, information technology, inspection and testing, etc.), logistics services, supply chain management, comprehensive services, etc.;

Trade in life services: services in culture, tourism, education, entertainment and licensing, etc

We are pleased to enclose herewith information on CIIE and ACCCIM’s booth Registration Form for reference. Interested companies are kindly requested to email the duly completed registration form, with payment advise of booth fees to ACCCIM Secretariat before 31st March 2023.

For more information, please contact Ooi Suet Yee of ACCCIM Secretariat at Tel: 03-4260 3090 or H/P: 017-244 0560, or Email: [email protected]. Thank you.



Invitation to Participate in the 6th China International Import Expo (2023)
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